Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Just a Bit Uncomfortable

Michael's chili was delicious! It was dark, rich and a bit spicy! After the phone call with the attorney, we went to an early lunch together and I worked most of the afternoon to gather information and paperwork. I will be working on it through the weekend.

I hadn't chatted with Michael's mom in a while so we had a great hour-long phone conversation. She sounded happy, very positive and so ready to move across the country in about two weeks. This weekend, her daughter is moving into the adorable house they are renting together. A new beginning for the next phase of their lives.

Our son is in the wine country for a new festival this weekend but we won't be able to see him. We thought we would meet up with him at their hotel in the city before or afterward but they are staying at the venue. It will be a total zoo and he warned us not to come up there. So close yet so far!

Back to the rehab class today. Years ago, I used to meet a woman from my class at the other hospital gym three mornings a week. She was always late. Then, she would never show up. This was when I had set a priority of meeting her at a specific time early in the mornings. I was driving 30-minutes in rush hour traffic to be there on time and she lived five minutes away. After the fifth time in a row she did not show up because she overslept, I pulled back. I never committed to a specific time again. She quit working out at the other rehab gym all together. I learned a lesson.

But now, I am beginning to have another problem. A man Sherman and I have been working with in our rehab class asked to meet me at the other rehab tomorrow morning. It will be his first time there. He asked when I was going to be there, I told him 8:00AM thinking that would be too early for him. Well, we are meeting. I thinking, oh no, here we go again. I love my friends at the other rehab. The woman used to get mad and pout if I talked to them instead of her. I really don't want to have the same problems again.

This comes after I was rather shocked on Tuesday when he told me he talked to our former priest and arranged for me to go to Mass in a private area so I wouldn't be exposed to diseases. I explained that trying to get back to the coastside around noon on a summer Sunday would be near impossible. Kind of creepy. Sherman noticed that this guy never talks to anyone but me. I will be sitting talking with a group, there will be a pause and he will jump in and says something directed at me. I will answer then return to the group conversation. He will wait then jumps in again and again. It's becoming a bit uncomfortable. Michael just mentioned that he could show up at the class, if I needed him to be visible.

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