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Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Dance Card is Full

As I look at the my very busy calendar ahead, I think of that old phase from days gone by, "My dance card is full." No spare time. Booked. The frantic countdown to company coming on Monday plus an orchestra concert thrown in for fun begins this morning. So much to do. So little energy! I am worn down and tired.

First up? A trip to Safeway for wine and the final needs for company and the week ahead. We live in an area that attracts tourists on the weekend. If I don't get into town early, I won't get into town. So, very soon, I will throw on workout clothing and head off to the store.

Today, I hope to wash the kitchen cabinets and set the table for Monday night's dinner. I also need to dust the floors and vacuum the throw rugs. It will be a day of pulling the house together. By 5:00, I will haul my string bass into the concert hall for a concert tonight. This will be the final orchestra event until September. No more rehearsals or concerts for a few months. Time off.

Tomorrow, Michael offered to cut the grass. I will just have to blow and water. Early in the morning, I will be making a strawberry pie and the barbacoa. A day of cooking and final yard work.

Monday, my sister Lee and her husband Jeff will arrive for a couple of days after having nice lunch with our mom. I am so looking forward to spending some time with them without a holiday involved.

If I survive!!

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