Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Name That Tune

I have been hearing about some study that reported that people with lung disease should sing. It opens up the lungs and supposed to be very good for us. With that in mind, I chose some CDs to keep in my car so I can sing along without bothering people! Friday afternoon, I left mom around 1:45 and made my way to a birthday party on the coastside. Our friend Jim owns a large soil/stone/everything else business. His wife has worked the office and scheduling for years and for a couple of decades, their two sons have been taking over the day to day business.

His wife, Kathy, turned 70-years old. They threw her a surprise party. I arrived well after the surprise but all the food and cake and yes, even Elvis were all still there. He was the most amazing Elvis I had ever heard. He even sang a couple of songs for me! Excellent! After everyone left, the business was slowing down for the weekend, Jim took us into his office where he could access 13,000 songs he via his computer. It was there where we played Name That Tune along with Name That Singer. Jim had played this game with Michael many times, who somehow knew the obscure one-hit wonders from the 50s but I have the Big Bands covered. And, Jim had heard that I knew lyrics.

He began with the statement that if it ever came to a competition, he wanted Michael on his team. We began. With just a few notes of the introduction of so many of the songs, I was able to name the song, sing the lyrics before the singer then name the singer. I blew him away. He kept trying to trip me up. Somehow, my brain worked and I was able to recall names so easily. This went on for hours. Some of the songs like, "I will Survive" were acted out and as we loudly sang along with Gloria Gaynor. My lungs were working! Michael was dancing! I was singing! Jim was laughing! It was FUN!

Finally, Jim said, "If you get this singer, you are on the team." Tension. Drama. I was nervous. The first few notes, I knew the song but waited until I heard the singer. "Nina Simone," I declared. Jim jumped up, planted a kiss on my cheek, gave me a huge hug and proudly announced, "You are on my team!"

We crawled home at 8:00PM, had a bit of dinner but I have to tell you, I sure noticed how happy my lungs were after about four-hours of singing and dancing and laughing.


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