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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No Pain!

It was a big workout yesterday. Even though I had not been to the pulmonary rehab class all last week, I still did the entire routine. When I stepped out of bed this morning, I expected to feel something in my hip or down my legs. No pain! Later today, I think I am going to try to take a walk to see if I have any pain during the walk or afterwards. The shredded tendon causing pain in my hip seems to be repaired or repairing. We will see if there is any pain tomorrow. I actually may be healed! Back to the treadmill!

Sherman was physically unable to attend Dick's funeral so I gave him a lot of the details including stories other people told about our friend. His eyes welled up at times. I also have been thinking of buying a portable oxygen system and was talking about it wth Kathy in the rehab class. She told me she thinks she has an Eclipse system, which is continuous air, that she has never used. I know it is big but it would be great for traveling. She is going to gather some data and we will talk again on Thursday.

It is not good when you have a lawyer in your life. We have a meeting via phone this morning with a very expensive attorney due to a family trust that is being funded soon. It is so restricted, available to a lot of people and not very much money so we don't expect to qualify for anything. Maybe they will fund a portable oxygen system! I am not holding my breath!

Today is Michael's day to cook dinner. He chose to make a new recipe of a crock pot Chili, which will take about eight hours to cook. So, after breakfast, he is going to put it all together and get it going. It will make about 10 servings so we are going to freeze quite a bit of it.

And my big news of the day is that I held our neighbor's four-day old baby yesterday. Ella is beautiful and I forgot about that new baby smell. So delightful! Made my day.

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