Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Preparing for the Lung Transplant Clinic

After working three hours in the garden yesterday, I was done! But wait! There was more! I did get all the chores done in the house except the paperwork for the Transplant Clinic appointment on Thursday. I read through the packet and again reviewed that we will be seeing not only the head of pulmonology but a cardiologist, sociologist, surgeon and nutritionist.

I have been working on myself to be ready for this process for over eleven years. Seeing the cardiologist, I can refer him to my latest test for pulmonary hypertension, which always happens to people will long-term lung disease. It is like high blood pressure but in the lungs. The problem is that it causes a hardening to one side of the heart thus, the heart issues. Since I have been exercising six days a week since 2004, my heart is fine. The pressure is fine. Done.

Needing to lose 70 pounds to get between 25-30 BMI to even begin this process, I worked with my nutritionist over five years ago. I still see Dr. B. every couple of months just to keep me honest. I choose my food for the week, which always includes one recipe of a poultry, meat and seafood dish. Every week. I cook four servings and we eat the leftovers the next night. Last night, I grabbed three of my lists of meals for the week and the recipes for them to bring to the appointment as examples of my diet. I've got this. Done.

The surgeon is a little bit of a challenge. I must tell him that my father died due to an anesthesiologist and that my mom is nervous about me having surgery at the same facility. Other than that, I don't have problems with anesthesia or any other known problems. Done.

After the Dr. K. debacle, I spoke with a "life coach" and learned that I am handling all of this extremely well. I had done my work back in 2004 and 2005. We have adjusted to the disease. I am not suffering with depression, thankfully. I have emotional backup support of my husband and son and mother. I've got this. Done.

So, unless I am blindsided by something unexpected, I think I am going to fly through the morning. Fingers crossed.

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