Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sweetest Words: "Hi, Mom"

It was a lovely Mother's Day. Our son phoned. He had just walked in the door from the airport and was going to be home a whole week. We spoke more about the visit with the lung transplant clinic and I was able to answer some of his questions. I was also rather touched when he mentioned that when he talked to other people about the whole transplant process, they were amazed at the short amount of time my friends were the hospital post-transplant. What I loved was that he was talking to other people about it. Michael and I have found that when we bump into something scary or rather bad news, if we can talk about it, somehow it eases the fear.

He also understood that I am not looking forward to being so dependent and so sick before I will be eligible for transplants. I hate being dependent. That is the hardest part of this whole process for me.

Michael's mom got the good news yesterday that the house she and her daughter found to rent right around the corner from her granddaughter's house was now theirs. They passed the credit check. It is a small three bedroom with a tiny back yard but a wonderful kitchen! There is even a front porch! Mary will move into this house clear across the country around July 1st after Debbie begins her move on June 1st. It is happening. Everyone is thrilled.

My mom looked fantastic and the three of us had a lovely lunch at Nordstrom yesterday. We thought we were being so clever celebrating Mother's Day there and not at a packed restaurant with their special menus. After we were seated, the line began. Our secret was out! The place was packed with moms and families.

Today, mom's Mini Cooper needs a checkup. It is a long haul during rush hour through the Silicon Valley. Thankfully, there is a nice coffee shop within walking distance but the service is going to take few hours.

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