Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, June 6, 2016

A Bit of Shopping

It was a fun day. We tried to drive down the coast but we forgot that the AID/HIV fundraising Bike Ride to LA was happening and there were a ton of bikes heading down the coast. They caused the cars to slow down so traffic was at a crawl. We decided to stay in town!

We stopped by a friend's house south of town, chatted a bit and toured his new home with gorgeous views. He lost his wife from cancer just about a year ago and recently discovered he has lung cancer. His first dosage of chemo helped to stem the flow of fluid into his lungs, which had been at a rate of 1.5 liters a week. That's a lot of fluid. He looked good.

He lived near the fancy Ritz so we walked down to the Pro Shop to a great little hidden gem. I had the blackened salmon sandwich - minus the bread - and Michael had steak and eggs. It was cool but the sun was finally beginning to break through the fog.

We spent some time on the back patio in the afternoon just enjoying the time together. The Warriors and Giants were playing at the same time so we kept going back and forth between the games. A big win for the Warriors and a sad loss for the Giants.

Mom and I are going to shop for 6-year old Oliver's cowboy boots for his birthday. There is a Western Shop near mom's house then we will run to Big 5 to check out smaller adult binoculars for his older sister Winnie. I missed her birthday in December! She is totally into nature and thought she would like good binoculars to watch birds and whales and anything else. A fun day ahead! It is sunny but perfect weather today. Not too hot!

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