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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Drive, a Shock and a Test

It was a lovely drive deep into the heart of San Francisco. I even took a different way through Golden Gate Park, which is always so beautiful and a tranquil retreat in a city of traffic. With my mammogram and bone scan medical files in my purse, I walked to the medical files office only to discover I was in the wrong place! I have to take them to the Lung Transplant Clinic so they can scan them into my medical file. No problem! Heading there today!

Mr. B., the nutritionist, was shockingly running late. That never happens. When he escorted a woman to the door, he apologized and said it would only be a few minutes. Again, no problem. I was in no hurry! It was then I looked at the woman. She was young, probably in her twenties, probably around 250 pounds but was recovering from being upset. Red nose. Red eyes. Now I understood why he was running late. He needed to spend more time to work with her. I am so glad he took the time.

He called me in. I ripped off my jacket and shoes. The weigh-in. I have been so stable for almost two year, never wavering even a few ounces. Then, when I got sick earlier this year, I lost some weight, put some back on but still was two pounds light and kinda liked the feeling. It was with utter shock that I now weigh the lightest I have weighed since 1990. I am six pounds less than my stable weight of almost two years. No wonder my clothing is loose!

My BMI is still 26 but really, I can't lose anymore weight. (I have to be between 25-30 BMI for entrance to the Lung Transplant Clinic.) He told me to add fat calories and to have a nice lunch after the appointment. When I got to the car, I phoned Michael to tell him we were going to have a feast of hot dogs and potato chips for the 4th of July! Yahoo!

I need to gain some of that weight back. The problem is that when I have a lung infection, I cannot get food down. Breakfast is the worst but it gets easier later in the day. Before transplants, I will be very ill and probably not be able to eat thus losing weight. That is what Dr. K. worries about whenever I fall under my stable weight.

Today is a big day. I am going through a nasty test to determine if I need supplemental oxygen 24/7. It is not until mid-afternoon but I want to eat lunch early enough to have it totally out of my stomach as the test is on a bike. Don't want to throw up anything! With housekeepers due, liquid oxygen refills and lots of errands this morning, it is going to be a wild ride of a day.

So looking forward to a quiet day with my mom tomorrow.

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