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Friday, June 10, 2016

Another Antibiotic

I dozed off for a bit yesterday afternoon after I finished my list of things to do. The antibiotic caused sleeplessness and I was tired and not feeling great. Yesterday was my last day to take the Cipro and I was hoping I would feel better this morning.

The phone rang around 5PM, it was the doctor's office to inform me that the culture of my UTI came back with a bacteria which is resistant to Cipro. A new antibiotic was ordered. A minute later, the phone rang and it was the drug store reporting that my prescription was ready for pickup. Off we went into the rush hour traffic. What we didn't know was that it was high school graduation and everyone was at the high school. No traffic!

I began a three-day run of nitrofurantoin last evening before going to bed. I was so tired from being unable to sleep that I slept eight hours before drifting off for another two hours. I feel so much better this morning! Finally!

Mom has an appointment to have a shot in her eye for macular degeneration this morning. We will fit lunch in there afterward and probably talk non-stop.

Our friends Jill and Wayne were at the graduation ceremony last night for their younger son, Evan. He is one smart cookie and is off to college in the Fall. What a milestone!

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