Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cowboy Getting Boots

Mary made it safely to her new home in Knoxville. It must have felt marvelous to sleep in her own bed in her own new home with her new roommate Debbie. Mother and daughter together at this time in both of their lives. Feels like I know this story! I am so grateful to be able to spend time with my mom and I am still learning life lessons from her.

Rehab class ran smoothly yesterday. My numbers were pretty good, I didn't feel like I was struggling for air, nothing hurt afterwards and I enjoyed so many conversations with different people. Love that. Such good, nice people who are also struggling down the same path of lung disease learning and laughing with each other. Sherman looked so good, enjoyed a perfect Father's Day dinner with his daughters and teased me all day. Perfect! I was able to pick up my mammogram reports to take up to the city for my medical files and met another woman in the process who I think could be a best friend. I love when two strangers make a human connection.

Back through the hospital with the report in hand, I was on my way to the car when I heard, "You're heading in the wrong direction." Caveman was back. I just waved and kept moving. Coming back through the door, I started talking with Sherman. As he strolled over to where we were sitting, dear Richard arrived! We had not seen him in months and were becoming worried. I had recommended mom's eye clinic at her university hospital as he was having problems with his eyes. Turned out he needed cataract surgery. Yesterday was his first day back to rehab, per approval of his surgeon. He thanked me for the recommendation and was so pleased with the results. He could see again! 20/20! While we were talking, the caveman was trying to break into the conversation but I kept the conversation going and he wandered off. I changed my routine so we were never side by side through the workout. Now, will he back away or become more aggressive? That is the question!

Today, my favorite six-year old is coming with Natalie for coffee this morning. Oliver will be surprised to fine a small single serving of a lava cake and his gift of cowboy boots waiting for him. I hope he likes them! We will probably take a walk to the park in our neighborhood, Natalie wants to tell me about her first hiring experience and I want to hear more about Ethan's new job. We may even have to go to lunch! While we are together, Winnie will be in her summer camp. I am sending a piece of lemon pie and her birthday presents home with Natalie.

A fun day ahead!

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