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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Done, Done and Yum

Intense. In one word, that is how I would describe yesterday. I needed to do a Safeway run early in the morning before my hair appointment. I had sent a draft of a letter to my attorney and he replied with lots of changes (all amazing, which is why I love him) as I was leaving for my haircut. After a good chat, color and cut, I was back home eating a quick lunch while reviewing his changes. I made the noted changes, then we continued to tweak it until about 4:00PM. Very intense. The good news is that I think we are done. The letters will be sent today and I hope they will reply in a positive manner and quickly. But, I am not holding my breath!

In the meantime, Michael arrived home. Miserable. Banned from touching anything that could give me his cold, he sat in his chair, watched "Parent Trap" for the first time since he was a kid then the Giants game, which I don't want to think about. Not good.

Suddenly, it was time to start cooking dinner and I was still emailing back and forth with the lawyer. Wild. It was a fabulous dinner of roasted chicken with a side of Chinese Eggplant with Shiitake Mushrooms in a Peanut Sauce. By the time all the emails were sent and the kitchen cleaned up from dinner, I was so done.

But, wait! There's more!

I still had to gather my great new recipes for the nutritionist appointment this morning and stack them with my medical records (for lung transplant clinic) I had requested from my pulmonary rehab hospital. I am going to drop them off before my appointment with Mr. B. I am feeling thin. Anna and I were texting back and forth last night and we were talking about weight. She doesn't know what she weighs. I never weigh myself. If I had a scale, I would become obsessed. I can tell how I am doing by how my clothing fit. Everything is loose right now, a great sign. I only step on a scale when I see Mr. B. and it has been four months since the last weigh-in. It is now six years since I lost over 70 pounds with his help but I had previously lost thirty pounds from my high in 2006. It always amazes me that I have lost 100 pounds. That is a lot of weight! I so wish I had seen a nutritionist when I was fight my weight issues. One of the best decision I ever made in my life.

It was back to the couch for me last night. Thankfully, it is a cosy couch! Today, I will send the letters after my nutritionist appointment in a manner that I have proof of delivery. Then, the wait will begin.

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