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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

From the Couch to the Garden in 24 Hours

WARNING: This blog may contain too much information about UTIs for some people. Yesterday morning, I felt an UTI coming on but it didn't feel like the usual symptoms. Yes, I was up three times in the night, highly unusual for me, but I had no burning and no pain. There was a feeling of "thick urine." My plan was to phone the local doctor for an appointment yesterday or even today. No problem.

Suddenly, everything changed. After I had been up for a bit, I felt I really needed to use the bathroom once again. It came with knee-buckling intense pain but no usual burning pain. It was awful.

The doctor's office wasn't opened yet so I slowing put on makeup, fixed my hair and got dressed. It was time. I phoned. If they could not fit me in, I was going over the pass to immediate care. It was that bad.

"Can you come at 9:30?" YES!!!! Thank you. But, NASA, we had a problem. There was a huge accident on the pass, a pole with live wires were down waiting for PG&E and traffic was stopped all the way up the coast. Could I make it into town on time?

I made it. Turned out that it was not a usual UTI. The doctor suspected that I actually had a bout of interstitial cystitis. There was a lot of blood in the sample but she is sending it out to be tested for bacteria. Three day of Cipro.

My Irish fiddling group is playing at the local library this Saturday and for an event in town next Thursday night so I didn't want to miss the rehearsal last night. Michael was not happy. He worries about me. I spent the rest of the day on the couch in the living room, took a two-hour nap and promised him I would not stay at the rehearsal for more that an hour. Well, I did go over the hour but not by much.

I am feeling much better this morning and I have no more pain. The bad news is that the bladder is one of the organs tested for approval prior to lung transplants. This may be a problem that needs to be resolved. Another hoop to jump through.

Today, Michael is home with me all day, I have a dentist appointment then we are going to lunch. A couple of things in the garden need to be trimmed and a couple of things need to be taken out. I think my job today will be to hold the ladder and point. He will do the rest.

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