Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, June 20, 2016


For the first time years, we stayed home all day yesterday. The weather was just gorgeous, I made Michael a special Father's Day breakfast, we watched the SF Giants win their game, took a breath outside then watched our sweet Warriors come to the end of their season. It was a nice, simple day which also included a nap.

William phoned his dad after flying home from the tour later in the afternoon. It was a nice, long conversation. He and I also had a nice chat. One interesting thing he told us was that he was flying to New York to run the live sound for a large charity concert of a major singer for one of her crew's family is facing an expensive and difficult health issue. William is donating his time and expenses.

It is going to be hot all week. Welcome summer! Michael's sister is housing his mom before her flight to her new home in Knoxville on Tuesday but they are having a problem. She lives east of LA in the desert area, expecting the temperature to reach 110 degrees today and their air conditioner motor failed yesterday. Broke. Stopped. Not working. Mary is being sent to a neighbor's house this morning as those high temps could be dangerous for a person of her age. Hopefully, they can get someone out there to fix it but...I'm not holding my breath!

Mom and I are meeting the financial advisor to ask some final questions before she moves her investments to his company. Scary. I am leaving it to mom to make the final decision.

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