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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Into the Garden

It was hot and I forgot to bring my oxygen with me yesterday. Not too smart! We made mom's pacemaker device checkup with lots of time to spare, had lunch and did a lot of walking in the hospital. The good news is that she is doing extremely well as the device is working properly. "See you in a year," said one of our favorite doctors.

But, traffic trying to get back to mom's took almost an hour. Our usual way home was block for some reason, it took is a lot longer to get to the appointment, so we made sure not to go that way afterward. We followed El Camino Real, which is a historic road from Southern California through Northern California. It is spotted with Missions built by the Franciscans a day's journey apart. Yesterday, it had packed with traffic and it took about double the time to get to mom's. It was 94 degrees. We were tired. It was rough.

Then, I had to drive to the coast. It also took an additional twenty-minutes to get home. I was done. Michael was on the phone with William so the bonus was that I had a nice chat with our son. He leaves this morning for a two week tour of the East coast. We watched the Giants game and I fell into bed.

Today, I have the data ready for the lawyer but I need to compose an email, which will take some time. Then, I am heading into the garden for the rest of the day. The feeling of exhaustion,  contentment and a need for a shower is my goal for late this afternoon. The fog is in right now but I expect it will break up soon. I am expecting thousands to join us here on the cooler coastside today.

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