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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Life at a Full Run

Mom and I sat at a front window in Starbucks, talked and sipped hot drinks for almost two hours yesterday. Because I was meeting my friend Dolores for lunch and dessert, we were not going to be able to have lunch together or spend the entire day together so I arrive at her house very early! We had a very good chat before I had to leave.

A few minutes from mom's, I met Dolores for a Greek lunch followed by coffee and a piece of almond cake. May I state right now that I decided that had enough food for the day, ate no dinner but I did have a sugar-free popsicle later. There is nothing like getting caught up with a dear friend. Her life is so busy and I appreciate that she spends her precious time with me.

Michael and I arrived at home within minutes of each other, I finished putting together the shrimp pasta salad for tonight while he watched the early Giants ball game. We both were tired from being out with the Irish Fiddlers the night before and I noticed that he kept drifting off into nap-land. Guess we are getting old! Ron from next door dropped by for a bit, brought us some fresh lettuce from his garden and we talked about the new skinny Ron. He looked really good and within a week of his goal weight.

Today, it's into the gardens for me before a long, hot shower and Ian's 21st birthday party later this afternoon. Another busy day. Social day.

Dolores and I both agreed that it was shocking that it was already June, another Friday that came so quickly and that life was moving at a breakneck speed. When I think back to my grade school days and that it was only eight short years, but each year felt like it droned on forever. Endless days. The pace picked up in high school but it began to trot from that point on. We are in the running stage right now. Time is flying by so very quickly that I must remember to pause, consider, contemplate, settle my mind and be so very grateful for being alive.

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