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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lost and Found

It was another non-stop day yesterday. Mom and I met with her possible new financial advisor/CPA but only after we drove to the coast, did a quick run through Safeway and put the groceries away at home. We made it to the appointment in time but she discovered that her shiny black envelope with her current Morgan Stanley statement that she was bringing to the appointment was GONE! It had been on the floor of the passenger seat of her car, which I was driving.


We got through the appointment, contacted Ron next door to have him check my driveway and NOPE. Nothing. We drove to Safeway and I asked the office if someone had turned it in. NOPE. The woman asked me to leave my name and number incase it surfaced.

We were driving to mom's to see if it fell out while she was getting into the car when my cell phone rang. Some kind person turned it in at Safeway! She was so relieved. Apparently, she kicked it out as she got out of the car. But, we were over the pass so we continued onto Nordstrom for lunch before playing the card game Shanghai after lunch. I won for the first time in a while!

On my way home, I picked up her envelope at Safeway and thanked everyone within hearing distance. Later, the rehearsal for Thursday's performance of my Irish Fiddlers went really well. I fell into bed at 8:30PM and snored until 6AM! I finally feel rested.

Today? Michael and I are together all day. I am going to make copies and get the documents into the mail to my attorney first thing this morning before doing some gardening. Rain is due tomorrow! Good news! I also am making a casserole for my breakfasts, getting the house ready for the housekeepers tomorrow and will try to sort and organize all my paperwork since April. A big stack. I also have a feeling we will be going to lunch together. A treat.

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