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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Medical Records

The new antibiotic must be working as I am feeling so much better. Not 100% yet but better. I'll take it!

When I got to mom's yesterday, she was so upset. Her disability placard had disappeared while she had the doors opened cleaning her car. "Someone one must have seen it and taken it while I was cleaning!" She searched and searched. She called DMV to report it missing only to find there was a 90-minute wait to speak to someone, left her phone number but never heard from them. "What am I going to do?" I offered to search the car even though she kept saying it was not there!

Under a minute, I spotted that it had fallen between the far back side of driver's seat and the space between the front seats. She grabbed me and hugged me. Twice! She was so very happy! Then she said, "I'm buying lunch!" Off we went to the eye doctor then PF Chang's for lunch. We even got a full round of the card game Shanghai in before I headed for home. She soundly beat me. We laughed and talked all day. A good day.

I had ordered my medical records for the lawyer and had not heard anything from them. I phone after I got home, spoke with the woman who is doing the copying then began to panic after we hung up. I thought a medical transcriber would write up my history but no, copies of everything. LOTS OF COPIES at $.25 each. From 2004 to the present that could cost thousands of dollars.

At 1:30AM, I woke up in full panic mode. What is it going to cost and how will my expensive lawyer read through it all? Thousands and thousands of dollars. I realized that I had kept a diary on a WORD doc from 2004 until 2009 with dates and any medical contacts. I think that is all my lawyer will need and we can send the full medical files to the Trust attorneys. I am going to phone the woman back first thing Monday morning to ask how many years she has already completed but she had mentioned that she did not have the medical files from the early days yet as they were not on computer. I want to ask her to change the request to just 2004 and 2005. That alone should save me over $1,000. It was only after I thought of that at 4AM that I was able to fall back to sleep.

I am going to need lots of coffee to keep me focused and awake to perform this morning with the Irish Fiddling group. Wish me luck! NO! Break a leg!

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