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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On the Road

Mom and I drove 107 miles together yesterday. She had an absolute ball as we careened through a ton of different neighborhoods in the city. She loves old Victorian houses and was able to see hundreds of them, each so different from the next.

After I phoned my new friend at the Medical Records office deep in the city, she told me I could drive up to pick up the documents I needed for my attorney. Since I was at mom's, I told her I would be hauling her with me. Mentioning her age, I told her she will be shocked when she saw her in person.

It took an hour to make our way through the city even though there was very little traffic. With schools out for the summer, everyone seemed to be on vacation. Marvelous. When we met my new friend, she laughed and said, "You're right!" She couldn't believe mom was going to be 88-years old in August! I was able to get the paperwork then we walked down the hallway to the radiology medical files to request some CT scans. Thought it would be helpful for the attorney to have my first CT Scan from December 2004 and the latest one taken May 2016 for comparison. It was so simple and free! A lovely woman copied them both onto a CD with the proper labels and handed it to us within minutes.

We hopped into the car, waiting for us at the valet station, and headed to Palo Alto to get mom's forgotten makeup purse. She left it there last Friday. From there, we drove back to her area and had lunch at Mimi's and used a coupon. I made a Trader Joe's run after lunch.

Mom kept saying, "What a fun day!" She is in the city so rarely and to be deep into the neighborhoods with all the old homes was such a treat.

Today, I need to leave early to drive mom back to our little town to meet with our tax accountant's boss. He reviewed mom's investments and has a report and suggestions for her. We are going to Nordstrom for lunch afterwards. But first, I am going to the butcher. A big driving day again today!

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