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Monday, June 13, 2016

Pedal to the Metal

Well, the goal was the gardens yesterday but I never got there. I just was not feeling well. After watching the F1 race from Canada and Michael running over the pass on an errand, I fell asleep on the couch. Maybe it was the final antibiotic that I took in the morning or maybe I was just recovering and needed additional sleep. Within minutes of waking up, he arrived home and said, "Let's go to lunch!" And we did.

The pots were watered, we ran a car to a mechanic friend a mile away and the alarm company phoned. The police were on their way. NO! I knew Michael probably hadn't closed the side garage door tightly enough and the wind blew it opened. I drove quickly home, called off the police and found the door opened. Everything was fine, heart beating faster, but fine.

I had ordered my medical files for the project with the attorney. When I phoned on Friday to see how it was going, I realized that it was going to cost a fortune at $.25 per page for twelve years of records. I have not slept well all weekend! This morning, I am phoning the woman who is working on it, will ask to change the request to just the first two years and whatever she already has completed. If she needs the request for a change, I will haul mom with me to the city first thing this morning and get it taken care of.

Mom left her makeup pouch in the booth at PF Chang's last Friday so we need to drive to Palo Alto to pick it up. Maybe lots of driving today. Hopefully, not.

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