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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Library

Our little town is building a new library and yesterday was the final weekend before it is being torn down and the building will begin. There was a goodbye party yesterday and the Irish Fiddling group was the entertainment. Background music for two hours. I was rather surprised to see all the people on computers, kids doing craft projects and a table laden with lemonade, cupcakes and berries. The place was packed, as usual for a Saturday. We have a very active library.

What I loved were the little kids who watched us, danced to our jigs, made us smile and stayed the entire two hours. Wow. Natalie, Ethan, Winnie and Oliver came for an hour before heading off to a birthday party. It was so good to see them in person! We planned to get together next week. Lots to talk about. Natalie told me she had her first hiring experience and wants to tell me all about it. Oh boy! She was my best hire but I did have one horrible hire, which taught me so much more. Can't wait to spend some time with all of them!

We Irish Fiddlers (me on string bass) sounded good in the space. The quieter guitarist actually was a better fit as the music was softer. We did not overwhelm anyone. No one had their fingers in their ears. We ran through our two sets, which was really a good rehearsal for our formal gig on Thursday night. Our little town has a locals night out, passports are purchased which brings free appetizers to the table as people hop from restaurant to restaurant. We are playing on the porch of one restaurant in an old converted house right on Main Street. Outside. At night. I will need several layers of clothing!

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