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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sorry About Yesterday

It was a regular Saturday morning, I was playing around the Internet reading my favorite morning sites, scanning through my emails and having lovely cups of coffee. At 7:30, the doorbell rang and there was Jim with bags of fresh-caught ahi tuna steaks and petrale sole. (Later, he returned with four ears of fresh-cut corn on the cob.) He joined us for a couple of cups of coffee and a good bit of local gossip while we entertained him still in our pajamas. Such fun!

It wasn't until last night that I realized that I had forgotten to write yesterday's blog!

I am breathing really well lately. I also notice that I am sleeping so much better than usual. My goal in the gardens yesterday was to trim away a lot of the plants in the very front, sweep up leaves and twigs from the birch trees and fill the recycle container. So, after blowing and watering the rest of the yards, I began. After a couple of hours, the area was only halfway done. As I worked in that crowded with plant area, I found so much that needed to be just ripped out and other parts of plants that needed to be cut away. Finally, there was more to be done but the container was filled to the brim. Next week, I will conquer the rest.

On Friday night, the Irish Fiddling group did play at the organic market and my friend Lois dropped by as a surprise visit to just listened. So sweet! We did fine but not as tight as the previous performance. The better guitarist was back but also his proclivity of noodling before and after a song was also back. I thought I had stopped it with prepared endings. The audience needs to hear when a song begins and especially when a song ends. The drifting off of just the guitar playing notes makes that confusing. There will be no rehearsal this week as two of the members are at a week-long fiddling camp high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. They will return home with new music and ideas.

Today, we are staying home all day. The fog is in this morning but should break up soon. Michael is going to BBQ some ribs for the first time ever. Baby back ribs. With Jim's fresh corn and a surprise backed potato for Michael (a really rare treat), we are going to enjoy the whole process of 2-1/2 hours of low and slow ribs cooking away while music plays in the background and just a day of the two of us together.

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