Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, June 17, 2016

Unusually Busy Thursday

During the worse times, I would drop by the church where Michael and I met playing music for a Mass, where we got married and where William went to Middle School. Lots of personal history there. Since I should not be around groups of people due to being immunosuppressed, we no longer go to Mass. I miss that quiet contemplative time. On my way to the rehab class yesterday, I dropped by the quiet, dark, empty church. It felt marvelous. I left feeling centered and stronger.

A month ago, I had spotted a possible new apartment complex for mom. An adult 55+ independent living environment. Having time yesterday, I spoke with the manager and took a tour. The hallways and lightening were grim and there was a feeling of not being run well. Not clean. The unit itself was very nice but smaller than what mom currently rents. It was not fantastic but definitely a backup if mom's place ever has a huge increase in rent - not rare for this area.

Driving back south to the hospital for rehab class, Sherman was not there! Oh No! But, I used the extra time to visit the mammogram and bone scan departments to get my medical records for the Lung Transplant Clinic. Super easy. I have to go back to get the mammograms when they are ready. Next time I have an appointment at my university hospital, I will bring them with me to be included in my medical files.

My numbers in rehab were really good. I had been struggling trying to hit a 91% saturation rate on the treadmill yet yesterday, it was an easy 94% on 2 liters of oxygen. The rest of the workout was just fine. After I got home, I had a couple of hours before we hauled the string bass into town for the stroll along Main Street. People would buy passports, go restaurant to restaurant for free appetizers and maybe have a cocktail along the way. My Irish Fiddlers were stationed outside a very hip restaurant, we had quite an audience and we all felt it went very well. Two and a half hours later, I was cold and ready to go home! We fell into bed and never moved all night.

Early this morning, I am seeing mom. She was at Home Depot and the bracelet holding her Mini Cooper keys slipped while she was loading plants into her trunk, She closed the trunk keys. She was treated so well by the Home Depot people, they let her use their phone, gave her a bottle of water and a chair to wait for Michael. She was thinking enough to phone him, having lunch just two lights away. He drove her home to get her extra keys, back to Home Depot and they found them in the trunk. I was in rehab the entire time!

Later this morning, I am leaving mom early! My friend Dolores and I are meeting for a good chat and goodies just on the other side of the pass. So looking forward to seeing her. What a nice Friday.

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