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Friday, June 3, 2016

Wearing My Oxygen

Golden State Warriors won. I was so tired, I feel asleep during the last five minutes! Now, that is tired! Giants also won their game yesterday.

It was hot over the hill and I was very grateful that I had my oxygen with me. I was hauling groceries and plants. When it was on, I sort of forgot and was rather surprised when I noticed people looking at me. Some people hate the stares but I look at those stares as an opportunity to educate, if someone comments. At the casino on Wednesday, I became amused when I noticed that when I paused at a slot machine near someone smoking, they quickly moved. I guess they didn't want a visual reminder of their future, if they continued smoking.

I find that most people are kind, smile at me in an encouraging manner and move on. I have had very negative comments thrown at me in the past. One was in the elevator coming from the old gym at the other rehab when a woman saw my oxygen and said, "You shouldn't have smoked!" Imagine saying that to someone! I smiled and replied as I left the elevator, "Funny, I have never smoked." So arrogant!

The fog is lifting right now, it is expected to be 65 degrees here today but everywhere else in the Bay Area, it is going to be HOT! Mom has an appointment with her pacemaker doctor at noon at her university medical center. We love her doctor, who is also a pianist. She feels well so I expect they won't find any problems. Because of the hot weather and we have to walk a bit, I am going to bring my oxygen with me again today.

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