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Saturday, July 9, 2016

An Unwelcome Surprise!

I am rather exhausted this morning but will be outside my Saturday comfort zone all day. I woke up with symptoms of another UTI yesterday morning. It came on hard and fast. It had only been a month since the last one. Worrisome. I dropped by my local doctor's office, was able to see the doctor within the hour, told her that I would be seeing Dr. M. a few hours later and would be asking for a referral to a urologist.

After getting my prescription for a week of antibiotics, I was home just an hour before driving into the city for my appointment with Dr. M.

Mom and I had to cancel our plans.

On my way north along the coast, there was an area called Surfer's Beach right along the highway. Traffic was slow and cars were parked and scattered along the road. People were out with binoculars, there was a large number of huge pelicans in the water but suddenly, a whale would breach. Right along the road! Remarkable!

Dr. M. first went through his thoughts about my thyroid disease and ordered blood tests then we talked about my latest infection. After reviewing my local doctor's notes and my test results from both infections, he believed that the first infection had not been totally eradicated. Instead of sending me to a urologist, he asked me to return to my local doctor a week after this run of antibiotics for a test to see if the bacteria or blood was still present. If clear, he wants another test a month later. If either test reveals the presence of something still brewing, he will refer me to an excellent urologist.

I must remind you that Dr. M. was the person who saved my life by referring me to the Chest Faculty Clinic in 2004. He listened to my symptoms and said, "You have a restrictive lung disease." Up until that point, I had been misdiagnosed with exercise induced asthma. I was rapidly growing sicker and sicker and, had he not stepped in, I would not be here now. He is also the person who gave me the referral to the Weight Management Group six years ago.

I trust him. I listen to him.

Michael and I still went to the sweet party last evening for Jim and Kathy's youngest grandchild's graduation from high school. It was a catered, outdoor affair in their newly installed gardens at the business. Very impressive! Pond included! We stayed a bit too long, I was not feeling well when we made our way home. I will try to take it easy today.

Ah, today. Saturdays are usually reserved for the gardens but I had worked in the front ones on Wednesday and the back is still fine. Plus, it is wet with fog this morning. Since I had to miss mom yesterday, we are meeting after her hair appointment this morning to have lunch together and get caught up on our week apart. Lots to share!

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