Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Catching my Breath

Yesterday, It took a lot longer than expected to pull all the data together for the attorneys. I had to transfer my financial data into categories. Anytime one is working with numbers, there can be a problem. I finally got it into a proper format, drafted my email to my attorney and another to the trust administrator.

Tomorrow, I will need to make lots of copies, work with the attorney and pick up my portable operating system. I also heard back from my email to Dr. K. asking for a letter to the administrators regarding my "condition and prognosis." I had explained to her why I needed it and she replied that she needed to know exactly what she should address. How detailed? I will ask my attorney and get back to her on Monday as well.

Adding to a crazy Monday, mom is buying a new computer and wants me to go with her. They will transfer all her contacts, photos and emails as it is a mystery to me. I am an Apple user, she is not.

It is going to be one long day.

Oh, and there is a rehearsal with the Irish Fiddlers in preparation for the two gigs Thursday and Friday nights.

It is going to be one long week.

Today is going to be quiet. After a quick run to pick up a couple of items I forgot, I will review all my work from yesterday, tweak things, take a nap and have a nice day before the madness of the week begins.

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