Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dive Back Into Life

I wish I had some exciting news to report or that we went fabulous places yesterday or we had brilliant ideas. None of the above, unfortunately! We had a really quiet day, which preceded a really quiet weekend. Michael was so much better but I still wanted him to take it easy. Even this morning, I am begging him to cool his jets today so the cold will continue to recede. He looks better. He feels better. It is going to take a couple more days for it to totally leave his body.

There were no local county fireworks last night and it was foggy most of the day. Some fool two streets over began setting off what sounded like M80s beginning around 9PM. Yes, I was in bed. We have been in a drought. Everything was still very dry and this idiot was shooting off illegal fireworks in a housing complex? Stupid.

My dance card is full! I need to do a quick Costco run for some vitamins before rehab class then off to Trader Joe's for the week's groceries after the class. I need to make some deviled eggs for our breakfast for the next few days before the Irish Fiddling rehearsal this evening.

A busy day.

Back into life after a long weekend of recovery for Michael and a very quiet, relaxing time for me.

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