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Friday, July 8, 2016

Drama in Rehab Class

Great saturation numbers during the workout at rehab class yesterday. I usually desaturate on the bike but held at 96% on 2 liters. Nice. As an extra bonus, caveman was not there. There had been some drama with Sherman and checking into the class. Some of the new people, including the really obnoxious guy who yelled at us for standing and waiting to get into class, do not have the social acuity to understand the process. For fifteen years, Sherman had arrived early so that he could be first to be checked in then work out and leave. He is 91-years old. It is important to him. Dick and I would usually follow him as we would arrive a bit later but still before anyone else. Else, who is waiting to be listed for transplants, was always next followed by whoever arrived after her. No problem.

Caveman didn't get it. The former dance teacher didn't get it. The guy who only got a lung transplant after he gave up smoking a pack of cigarettes and twenty-two joints a day also didn't get it. He was the one who yelled at us, slammed lockers complaining the that he had to search for an empty one, was loud and rude and obnoxious. I guess I am the epitome of what he despised so he focused his comments towards me. I tried to be polite and kind but then I gave up. I just don't comment on anything he says. No matter the subject, he always injects a hugely negative statement about his own experiences. I have never heard him ask about anyone's health or had any interest in anyone but himself. Nasty. Negative.

Sherman complained to the staff that these people didn't get it. First come, first served. He was not happy. Again, he's 91-years old. It was not a big deal to me but it was to him.

Last Tuesday, I was kind of surprised when Sherman was in the first chair (caveman was in the second one) and I was fourth. They checked Sherman in first then came down the line to me. Interesting.

Yesterday, the lineup was Sherman, dance teacher, nasty guy, me, my friend Richard, Else. Before we could sit, the RN asked the nasty guy to get his binder. (It was in different area than ours, for some reason.) She then pointed at me to sit in his chair. I sat. She told Richard to sit next to me. He sat. The nasty guy gave them his binder, turned around and realized there was no seat for him. He threw a fit. "I lost my seat! I have to go to the back of the line? That is not fair!" While he was throwing the fit, Sherman was checked in and they were finishing my check in. After the nasty guy finally got checked in, he was still yelling about it while warming up then proceeded to open and slam all 12 lockers. A baby throwing a fit. As he once proudly told me, "I'm a shit disturber." He was outsmarted and he didn't like it.

We will see what happens the next time he is in the class. I hope everything just calms down. I hope people just allow Sherman to get checked in first. I don't care when I get checked it. Such drama!

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