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Friday, July 15, 2016

Hanging Out

We had way too much fun yesterday. Up and out of the house early, we worked our way through traffic and were right on time at the dealership to drop off our new/old car. We took off to Nordstrom, which was having one of their big sales. Michael really needed some casual shoes and got amazing deals. I even bought a pair of skinny turquoise jeans on a super sale.

After buying dirt to re-pot my tomato plants, we began to think about lunch. Where shall we go? Well, I must admit it was my idea. Since it was only 11:30, we could get into the very famous Refuge, known for their lean, perfectly cooked pastrami. They have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for a good reason. Delicious. We split their Ruben sandwich served with pickled onions on the side but could not finished it. They are that rich. They are so fantastic. I must mention here that we had an egg for dinner. And a sugar free popsicle.

Somehow, I am going to try to get into my new skinny jeans today!

The biggest treat of the day was that we had to shuttle the 1966 Mustang convertible that Michael and William had built from the frame up, to a wheel place for an alignment. Since I had never driven Michael's car and it had a weird shifting issue, I had to drive the Mustang!!!! It was the first time I had ever driven it!!! What a blast. I felt years drifting away remembering driving our Mustang when we were first married.

The move began two days ago. William's cousin William (Anna's son) and his wonderful Maddy are moving to Tacoma, where our William went to college but now lives in Seattle. The Williams have never met each other. Our William is 6'5" tall and the other William is about 5'7" if he stands really straight. I would love a photo of the two of them side by side. I have encouraged them both to get in touch with each other. They would like each other, though our William is over a decade older. He could show them around, take them to concerts, give them restaurants suggestions and just welcome them to the Seattle area. They should arrive to their new life today. They have an apartment waiting for them, William already has a job and Maddy is in the final interview for a teaching position. They are to be married next summer on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, closer to all the relatives. They are such a great couple and I have grown so fond of Maddy. I wish them a world of happiness as they carve out a life together beginning today.

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