Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Was Done

I am able to drag my feet a bit this morning. Yesterday was as nuts as anticipated and I was exhausted by bedtime. My heart was beating a bit faster when my eyes fell upon my new portable oxygen system at Kathy's house in the morning. Freedom. Trips. Adventures. I strapped it into the passenger seat then rolled it up to mom's for the rest of the day. After I got home in the late afternoon, I set it up and got it working. It is just perfect as it offers a continuous flow setting, a must for me. I just don't have the inhale strength to kick in the pulse setting when I am sleeping and an alarm will go off throughout the night.

Mom did buy a new computer and I set it all up for her. I still need to tweak it but she will be happy with it until next week. It was mentally exhausting for me, we ran to get a quick lunch around 1PM then I had to get home. Dinner tonight is a recipe that I had to cook for two hours yesterday afternoon then finish off tonight. It was a lot of work. Then, I had to read the email from the attorney, rewrite my letter being sent to the administrators today and reconstruct my financial document.

After a quick dinner Michael pulled together, we both went to the Irish Fiddling rehearsal last night. I stood and played from 6:00 - 8:00 and was totally done, mentally and physically. We rolled the bass home, I changed and crawled into bed within minutes of getting home.

Today, the packet of requested information for the trust administrators will be copied and sent via FedEx before my rehab class. This will be my first day back in a week and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. A week ago, Else had her interview to move forward with her lung transplants after a downturn and I am eager to hear how it went. I hear the guy who was causing problems was really quiet while I was gone. I hope he stays that way. Sherman will be waiting when I get there. He will have lots to tell me.

My thoughts are on tomorrow. We are spending the day playing hooky. Don't know if we will take a drive somewhere or stay home to work in the garden. I need Michael's help digging up and replanting a bush. Whatever we do, it will be nice.

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