Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, July 29, 2016


The jerky guy in rehab class who loves to tell everyone that he is a "s*** disturber" and has chosen me to be especially nasty to, was quiet yesterday. I had not seen him in two weeks and was surprised that he was actually sitting three chairs down from me for the check-in. Usually, he shoves 91-year old Sherman aside to get the first chair. A real sweetheart.

After the warm-ups, I hit the treadmill then the wall pulleys before heading to the bike. He was sitting in a chair in front of the bike. I noticed then that his left arm was in a mesh bandage and the right hand and arm had gauze taped to it. "What happened?" asked the RN. His reply said it all. "I was being a real jerk. I threw a kid into a pool, lost my balance and fell." He continued to remark that the kid was "really pissed at me." The RN took him to her office to wrap his arm properly and make sure that it was not infected.

So, do you think he learned any lessons from this? Do you think he will be kinder to others? Doubt it. This man has no introspection.

I had my TB test read, it was negative but I thought I had another UTI brewing. The doctor offered to see my later in the morning. Fine. I wouldn't go to rehab and just hang out at Peet's before the appointment as the housekeepers were at the house. It was packed. There was an area on the long padded single couch that wraps around the table area, so I asked a nice mom with two kids if it would bother her if I just sat there. No problem. While enjoying hearing their conversation, I realized they were tourists from over the pass who were going to the tide pools. After a bit, I asked if they were here to see the whales? What whales? So, I directed her where to find them and also mentioned the fantastic walk near the new tunnel that is known for bird watching and also spotting a whale or two. She had never seen the tunnel. One of the kids warmed up to me and I remarked, "They can always tell a former teacher!" She asked where I taught, I told her about running the large music program and guess what? Her kids were at my school where I got sick! What are the odds? We started talking about teachers and some of the cool features of going to school in an old mansion. The kindergarten classroom is actually in the basement and it used to be the indoor saltwater swimming pool. In fact, they just tiled over the pool, the ceramic tiles are still in place and sometimes, on very special occasions, they will give a tour of the actual pool under the floor! Also, one of the music lesson little rooms was the huge safe. It has a grand piano in it and lots of files. The kids were fascinated.

My phone rang. Someone missed their appointment and they wanted to know if I could get there right away. I said my goodbyes, met with the doctor, had white blood cells in my urine but no infection yet. She was going to send it out to be cultured. I headed to rehab class but I didn't have any pain or urgency so I don't think I have an infection. Feeling good this morning.

After I got home from rehab, I phoned Michael's mom in Tennessee to see how she was doing. We really haven't had a good chat since she moved. We talked for two hours. So much laughing and just sharing.

I am off to spend the day with my mom. We have no plans and sometimes those day are just plain fun! Happy Friday!

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