Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Lunch, Please

Packet to trust administrators? Sent. Request for letter from Dr. K for trust and a letter from my dentist for the lung transplant clinic? Done. Back to rehab class? Fun, except that Sherman was not there. It was great talking with everyone, returning to a room filled with friends. I am loose this morning and feeling good.

As I checked into rehab yesterday, my blood pressure was 86/56. That is a new low for me. They would not let me workout until I was able to get it higher. After downing a full bottle of water, it got up to 110/62. Normal for me. I had noticed yesterday that I had lost some weight again. Not good. So, Michael and I have a plan for today: Chinese food.

When I was new diagnosed and very ill, we used to take a beautiful drive to our favorite little Chinese food place near Stanford and try to forget about all the stress and drama for an evening. A night to talk about other things. Because of my diet, we have not been there in many years. Today, we are going to Stanford to find a blouse or shirt to go with my new turquoise skinny jeans to wear for our Irish Fiddling gig on Friday night. Afterward, we are going to our old haunt for lunch. I can't eat more quantities of food but a lunch of Chinese food has more calories than my average lunch. Chinese Chicken Salad! Hunan Beef! General Chicken! That will do the trick!

Michael and I took the 1966 Mustang convertible for a little drive to see the whales. They were amazing as they were breaching right along the highway. Huge whales. Dozens of whales. Michael noticed that the brakes were feeling funny. We had just driven a bit north of us, he turned around to head back home and the brake pedal began getting closer to the floor board. Not good. Something was wrong. He had driven home after having the front end aligned last week and this was the first ride since then. After we carefully drove it back to the house, he found fluid on the front tire. Something happened during the alignment and the line got crimped. It was leaking brake fluid. That was a bit scary and thankfully, we were very close to home.

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