Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Men don't have the opportunity to be pampered or to take care of their skin often. Yesterday, Michael had a shave with a straight edge razor before his hair cut. The shave also included hot towels and product to soften and moisturize his skin. When she pulled the barber chair up to the sitting position after the whole production, I was shocked to see that he looked at least 10-years younger! Totally relaxed. No wrinkles. Just soft, shaved skin that looked like it was so very happy. What a treat for a man.

Last evening was the final Irish Fiddling rehearsal for two weeks. Leslie is heading to Irish Fiddling camp in Ireland on Thursday. She will come home inspired with new music and ideas on production.

I keep glancing down to my right forearm to see if I have any reaction to the TB test. On Thursday morning, the doctor will take a look to make it official. I have no reaction so far!

Michael and I are going to be together all day today. I need to do some paperwork and swing by the bank but other than that, we have no plans. It is so hot everywhere except the coast today that we are not going to stray far from home.

Hot weather. The whole country is HOT right now. We with breathing issues have a hard time with heat and don't even think about humidity! I feel so blessed that I live in a cool moist climate but I do worry about others who suffer through the summer heat waves. Please take care, don't exert yourself, stay hydrated, be kind to yourself.

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