Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, July 28, 2016

No Sleep

When a body is used to being worked and exercised everyday and since there was nothing but brain work yesterday, this body could not sleep. I glanced at the clock at 12:30AM and kept looking at it until I threw in the towel at 3AM to head out to the couch. I drifted off for two hours then popped up wide awake.

During the night, I suddenly panicked because I couldn't remember where I had filed Dr. K.'s letter to the trust administrators. Then, I didn't want to forget to put out the oxygen tanks to be refilled today. So, when I finally did wake up, I found the letter and filed it properly before I rolled my huge liquid oxygen tank to the side of the house for its refill while I am at rehab.

Added to this, I need to be out of here very early to have my TB test checked, back to the bank to return our birth certificates, fuel up the car then head over the pass for that rehab class. I have fallen in love with three of the new women in the class. Two are older and one is younger. They are funny and smart and understand that rehab will improve their quality of life. Two former classmates have reached out to me this past week to tell me they are not coming back. One is moving to Sweden, where she has lots of family and the other said she will tell me the whole story another time but she will not be returning to class. Sherman and I have been there the longest, by far. He joined in 2004. I joined in 2005. We both believe it saved our lives.

Thankfully, dinner is ready and waiting in the refrigerator so when I am really dragging this afternoon, I can nap a bit. But, then I will worry that if I nap I may not sleep well tonight! Dilemma!

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