Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The doctor was running a bit late so mom and I were able to get caught up. We talked about everything from politics to movies. Then, the shot in her eye. She was such a trooper as she never complained about the pain but her eye teared up for a couple hours afterward. She has macular degeneration and these years of shots have really slowed down the disease. Rather miraculous.

Since I am on antibiotics until the weekend, I can't go to the rehab class today. Michael ripped out the overgrown rosemary in the back garden yesterday so I am going out to clean up that area and will water the pots today. Nothing too taxing.

I am breathing really well. Even with antibiotics, I need to keep moving as it makes such a difference in how I function. After my work in the gardens, I may just grab a book, sit on the swing in the side yard and relax before the rehearsal with the Irish Fiddlers this evening during the All Star Game.

Food for the week! Food shopping tomorrow! Here are the recipes I will be using that fit into my diet of 3-4 oz. of protein and non-starchy vegetables. My prednisone ladened pancreas does not process food, i.e., sugar, properly. I eat 1,200 calories/day to lose weight and 1,400 calories/day to maintain my weight.

Boursin Deviled Eggs - HERE
Bacon and Egg Breakfast Chili - HERE

Hamburger with Brie - Michael cooking!
Day Before Chicken - I use 2 boneless breasts for 4 servings - HERE
Fish Tacos - HERE
Five Spiced Pork with Asian Slaw - HERE

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