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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Simple Sunday

I had such a nice, different Saturday and, because the weather was so wet and foggy, no weekend traffic problems driving the pass home. A double bonus.

Instead of working in the gardens, Mom and I talked and talked and talked while we enjoyed a Persian restaurant we have been wanting to try near her house. It was marvelous, the cute guy at the next table helped us order and we had a really nice two hours! I brought the leftovers home and moments after walking through the door, Michael was enjoying them. His pre-dinner dinner.

It was a talking day as I also had nice chats with both my brother and sister. A triple bonus!

We are shocked to see blue sky about us this morning. We are excited to watch the F1 race from England later this morning. We are planning a lunch out somewhere. We are planning to water the garden pots later this afternoon. All in all, a quiet simple Sunday together. The best.

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