Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Michael is a bit worse this morning. After whining at him to slow down all week, he woke up this morning will his head fully clogged, sneezing, a headache and not feeling well. Duh. Time to take a break and take it easy, big guy. Maybe I need to hide his car keys!

Though I am still sleeping on the couch, I slept great last night for the first time. I am finally feeling rested.

Mom and I spent yesterday together. Our newly trimmed toe nails are painted pretty colors and we did some financial business for her with her new wealth manager in town. We had lunch at a real train depot over the pass then got her home and settled.

I am home for the weekend. Except for a quick Safeway run, I have no plans to leave the homestead. The gardens are on the agenda for today. As we stood chatting with Ron yesterday, we realized that we were the only ones home this weekend. All the other six homes are empty! Families out having a fun holiday! I feel such a responsibility to keep and eye on everything!

The housewarming gift of Omaha Steaks arrived right on time yesterday. Mary was on the phone with me when the UPS driver delivered them. They are planning to BBQ them tomorrow. In a few weeks, I plan to send some special Peet's Coffee that she loves but too expensive for her and I keep trying to think of things she would enjoy but not buy for herself. A little surprise to arrive every few weeks. She told me yesterday that she can't believe how happy she was living with her daughter in a totally new area of the country. She was having a ball.

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