Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Whales in Bloom

Funny how your tastes change with time and better foods. We ran through Macy's and found two tops for my new skinny jeans before our lunch at the Chinese restaurant we had not been to in years. We ordered what we used to order: Hunan beef, a small container of Chinese Chicken Salad and the lunch special of General Chicken, which included noodles and fried rice. The beef was great. Period. We brought more than half of it home, threw away the noodles and rice and split the rest for dinner. It will be a long time before we need to go back.

We were also rather surprised how little we eat now compared to before I lost all my weight six years ago.

On our way home, we stopped at the coast to watch the whales feeding. We stood and watched two different pods spouting and breaching. Huge whales. Remarkable.

Early this morning, I am having X-rays of my teeth taken, including the roots, to get clearance from my dentist for lung transplants. Who knew that even my teeth need to pass inspection? Later, I hope to see Sherman at the rehab class, work off the Chinese food then rush home to prepare for the Irish Fiddling gig this evening.

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