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Monday, August 1, 2016

Bee Gone

Last Thursday, I noticed a bunch of "flies" hanging around my bush in the front yard. When I went to investigate, I discovered this nest of bees in the bush. A nice bee hive. I mentioned it to Michael on Saturday and by Sunday we had the name of an organization whose members are beekeepers. After running our errands and replanting some plants in the yard, I made the phone calls.

My new best friend Ray arrived wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, marched right up to the swarm, carefully cut away some of the bush so that he could place the entire hive in a box then cut the branch. After a good shake, it dropped into the box. There were a few bees wandering about but he said they should be searching elsewhere in a few days.

He also shared that he was in the back of our neighborhood earlier in the week dealing with another hive. He thinks ours was part of that group.

Neighbors Mike and Ron watched from a distance and were as astounded by the ease of the removal as we were.

While all this excitement was happening, we ran the dishwasher and was beginning three loads of laundry. One load. Done. Second load...NASA, we have a problem. After a run in the dryer, it was still wet. And cold. We have known for a couple of years that we were running on borrowed time. The washer is also on its last leg so today, we are going shopping after I spend the day with mom.

We were looking online yesterday and were amazed that a lot of sites read, "can be delivered in two to three weeks." Really? Don't people usually buy appliances because they no longer work? So, we will be buying from somewhere that guarantees delivery, setting up and taking the old ones away this week. Wish us luck!

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