Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Friday, August 5, 2016


At the Relay for Life last Saturday, I spoke with Peggy, the wife of the owner of the restaurant right on the ocean north of us. We agreed to meet again Thursday evening for a car show in their parking lot. Another chance for a chat! Chuck, her husband phoned to let me know it was a bad day of her chemo cycle and she was not well. Too bad. We drove up early and followed at least six cars making their way to the event.

The lot was filling up with very cool cars from 1933 to almost the 1970s. It was fun to watch everyone taking photos and a long look at each car. There was even a Cobra there. It was a bit foggy and cool so we sat inside and watched through the huge windows. Mark, from Michael's former work, and his little daughter drove up in his very cool old truck. The restaurant had a bar but where we were sitting, it had lots of small tables and banquet sitting with a large dance floor between them.

Mark's daughter was enjoying ice cream when the band began playing 1950s music and she started moving with the music. She said, "Just a bit more ice cream then I can dance!" She is going into first grade. She and dad got on the dance floor and that girl had the moves! She had taken ballet lessons for years and a few hip hop classes. It showed. Dad was tired so a lady next to us noticed and asked if she could dance with her. Well, they became best friends and every woman fell in love with her. They all danced together many times and I don't think she wanted to leave.

What was even better, there were other kids there and they wanted to dance, too. It was a nice family place with a fun band playing great music with a parking lot filled with nostalgia and they served ice cream to a little girl who will never forget this evening out with her dad.

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