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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dear Friends

I sat with mom's friends and looked around the table at the four women who were all born in 1928. We met to celebrate mom's birthday and her friend Grace was the hostess who pre-ordered a special luncheon. Doris arrived through the door first. Tall and healthy but living alone and unable to drive. Jane, a former movie star, arrived with a white cane to help her into the restaurant. She had been struggling but had clearly lost a lot of sight since our visit a year ago. Grace was unable to function without her walker, her driver's license was taken away by her daughter and she looked frail. As she arrived, she started yelling at everyone, including the owner of the resutarnt.

Doris had warned us that she was "up and down." While Grace was carrying on, I turned to Doris and asked if this was a sign of dementia. Doris just nodded. Apparently, they put up with a lot of abuse as they understand that she is ill. They are good friends.

Mom looked about ten years younger than the others around that table. She does have health issues but she moves well and is still so mentally fit. It was good for her to spend some time with these wonderful friends who really helped her piece together a life after my dad died.

The drive was rough. A normally 90-minute drive took almost over 2.5 hours due to accidents and road work on our way out to visit dad's crypt before the lunch. It was nuts. The ride home was uneventful but I was really tired.

Today, I will be visiting the Liver Clinic. I love this clinic and all the people who work there. It is like seeing old, dear friends! I so hope the drive to and from the city is easy and not a repeat of yesterday!

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