Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Monday, August 22, 2016

Final Pre-Test

We have fires to the north of us and fires to the south of us. The air is heavy and the sun has that funny muted color as it works it way through smoke. Every once in a while, I can smell it. I found myself needing oxygen while I ironed the sheets and making the bed. It was a struggle to take a shower. Just sitting outside with the neighbors, I kept it on for support.

My to-do list is still undone. I just didn't feel good enough to conquer it all. Michael did fertilize the lawns so that is done. The guest room needs attention so I am going to attack it a bit each day - sheets, closet, dusting.

I was sent a list of needed pre-tests for lung transplants and today will be the final test. The dreaded PAP smear at 2:30. Once I get the results of the test, I can drop the entire packet off at the clinic to get the next list of tests. I think they also want me to meet with their financial person, psychologist and nutritionist.

Today, mom and I are doing a Target run and a quick lunch so I can take a shower before the doctor appointment. It will be good to finally get it done.

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