Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

He is Home

William arrived around 4PM, we chatted a bit then drove down the coast for a fish dinner at the famous dive near the goat farm. We had a smelt appetizer for the first time ever. Rather weird to have the little fish looking at you. It was so good to see our son in person. He looked healthy and happy. This morning, he and Michael are taking my mom to a quick doctor's appointment while I am getting my hair done. We will meet up later for a steak dinner tonight, as we have some gift certificates.

Yesterday's physical was primarily mental. Really. I sat in a chair and we faced each other the entire time, except for a moment when I had to walk down the hallway and back. I just needed a simple PAP smear for my pre-testing for lung transplants. But, because of Medicare rules, I had to have two separate appointments.

She asked me a lot of questions regarding my emotional health before reviewing my list of physicians and specialists. After she filled out some paperwork, we began the second part of the test. I had to complete a test I had done before during my brain study then I had to draw an object. There were pictures of a camel, lion and elephant, which I had to name. The hardest was a list of five things that I had to remember and repeat back to her at the end of the entire test. Boom. Did it. It was a geriatric test, which for some reason, I had to take. Thankfully, I passed it with flying colors.

Next week, I get to have the fun PAP smear. Yuck. But, I have gathered all the other information and am ready to turn it into the Lung Transplant Clinic.

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