Living Well with a Bad Diagnosis - Lung Disease

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lots of Houseguests!

My newly retired brother Chip and his lovely Betty are planning to come for a visit from New Mexico. Marvelous! Only one small problem, they wanted to come the same day when Anna and Doug (Michael's sister and her husband) have planned to visit. Betty and I talked. Chip talked to mom on the weekend and was feeling we didn't want to see them!!! Oh no!! So, I quickly phoned them yesterday after I got home and we had a great chat! We confirmed their plans and they will be arriving to our house on Sunday, September 11. We will have mom here so she can visit with them, they will spend the night in their mobile home in our driveway and take off Monday morning, just before Anna and Doug will be arriving!

This morning, I am going to put together menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner with Chip/Betty/mom then three days of breakfasts and snacks for Anna/Doug. A challenge! We will be going out to lunch everyday as our main meal.

I am planning to work my brains out in rehab class today. The nutritionist appointment with Mr. B. is tomorrow and I am feeling a bit heavy. I am not confident. I know I am heavier since I saw him two months ago, but he wanted me to put on some weight. I am a bit nervous about it is what it is.

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