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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Loving It!

We are hustling this morning. The boys are leaving by 8AM and I need to be gone by 9AM for the housekeepers. Yesterday, Michael decided to fix the huge dent in William's car along with little ones along the side. His landlord was moving wood with a crowbar, it slipped and flew into the side of the car near the gas tank. They are buying the supplies to paint it this morning and will put it together tomorrow.

But tonight, we are going to another car show at the restaurant long the ocean. William loves the funky, old-fashioned decor and the divine food. British Don is going to meet us there so it is going to be one fun evening.

Last night, we went to an excellent Prime rib/steak place over the pass and had a really lovely evening just chatting and enjoying food we don't usually eat: Prime rib, creamed spinach, salad, garlic potatoes, Yorkshire pudding. Now you understand why I am going to take a long walk along the ocean this morning!

I love having William here. It is so nice to have a conversation without a phone or a computer between us. Live conversation. He looks good and happy and healthy. I am enjoying every moment.

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