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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Minor Stroke

The work begins today in anticipation of Anna and Doug's visit in September. I am still tired and going to take it easy today but I will still cut the grass so Michael can fertilize it tomorrow. The guest room's closet will be cleaned and the room will be made ready for guests. If I do it well enough, it will just need a quick dusting and vacuuming on the day of their arrival. I'll also pull the kitchen cabinets together and dust the floor of our closets, just because it is REALLY needed. After paying some bills, I hope there is a nap in my future.

Anna is Michel's older sister. The touchstone of his family. Doug had the surgery for a brain tumor after his visit with us last year. Let's not do that again! They live east of LA in a desert area but they love the ocean. They never want to leave the coastside. We have a few things planned but will offer options and let them choose their own adventure! Their son, William just moved to the Tacoma, WA area to begin a new life with his Maddy. They have not met our William yet but hope that happens soon!

Mom scared me yesterday when she told me she thought she experienced a TIA. A mini-stroke. I asked if she called 911. "No, after a few minutes, it passed." Yikes! I told her that it would have been a wise to call ASAP just to make sure because she could have been at the beginning of a major stroke with symptoms growing more pronounced that she might not have been able to get to the phone after few minutes. She has a device check for her pacemaker on Monday morning so it may indicate an incident. I will also make sure we report it to the eye doctor.

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