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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Own MacGyver

Michael considered himself "MacGyver" yesterday because he concocted a clothes line in our garage to hang all the wet laundry. One proud guy! While waiting for mom's shot in her eye, she reminded me that Sears had great appliances and we might want to look for the new washer and dryer there. Our local Sears had closed and is currently being demolished but I forgot there was another one to the north. I phoned Michael and we agreed to check it out on Wednesday.

After we got home in the afternoon, Lisa across the street gave me a lovely plant as a thank you for feeding their kitty while they were gone and we got talking. Her husband, Mike is the maintenance guy with several accounts, mostly apartment buildings, which keep him hopping. About an hour later, he knocked on the door. First, he offered to fix the dryer. The appliances are OLD and worn out. We knew this was coming and it is time to buy new ones. Then, he directed us to an appliance store he deals with, told us who to contact on the sales force and to mention his name. Within minutes, he said he would phone the guy to let him know we would be there Wednesday. Mike then offered to bring the appliances home if we had to wait a week for delivery and then offered to hook them up for us. Now, get this: he offered to remove the old ones and TAKE THEM AWAY!

Are these the best neighbors or what?!?

They are also getting ready to paint their house. Together. They have been power washing and patching to paint on Wednesday. From our front door, we look directly at their house across the cul-de-sac. The old 1980s gray is going to magically be updated with new colors of mid-century modern sage with dark gray trim.

UTI Update: As I was leaving the house yesterday, I was hit with burning, urgency and chills of a UTI. Pain. I had to get mom to her doctor's appointment so I had to pull it together. It was awful. When I got to her house, nothing. No burning, chills or urgency. Throughout the entire day? Nothing. Now, this can't be a UTI. Symptoms don't come and go so quickly. I contacted both doctors and my endocrinologist said unless there was blood in my last test, he was not going to refer me out. I am to take another test in two weeks. In the meantime, I am going to track these phantom, painful episodes. I mentioned the possibility of stones but he was not interested.


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