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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Party Tonight

Mom and I met the boys for lunch yesterday, a final chance for William and mom to chat before he leaves. As a surprise bonus, we were invited to Jill and Wayne's house last evening so Evan, who is leaving for college in a month, could talk with William. He is going to college just north of William and they talked together for a couple of hours. The college is in an area he knows well and was able to share a lot of information with Evan. While we were there, the college contacted him via email and gave him the names and phone numbers of his two new roommates. Instagram instantly produced photos and information on one of the boys. He looked like a nice kid.

Jill and her sister, who just dropped by with her husband, had just returned from a week in New York City with stories to tell. The hours flew by and we didn't get home until 10PM.

It has been such a great several days with William but, I am sick of all the food! Yesterday, I barely ate anything. Tonight, we are meeting Jill and Wayne at a local fancy restaurant for appetizers in the lounge to celebrate her birthday. In the meantime, I am staying home, taking a nap and laying low.

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