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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Prepping the Gardens

It has been a couple of days working in the gardens. My Zen place. The place where it is quiet and I focus of hand trimming a plant or cutting the neighbor's vine as it tries to creep over onto this side of the back fence. While working in the front yard, the neighbors always stop by for a chat. Always a pleasure.

The thing I most worry about giving up while I continue the march towards transplants is working in the gardens. Because of that, we are trying to remove all the high maintenance plants and replace them with small, easy to maintain, no-trimming-needed plants so I can work as long as possible.

In the meantime, I am also planting some annuals in preparation for mulch and fertilizing the lawns after everything is planted. I filled the recycle bin yesterday. Today, we are grateful for recycle bin #2 as it should be filled to the brim and both will be ready for pick up in the morning. Michael is going to rip out some Heavenly Bamboo along the dining room windows to be replace by geraniums and a jade plant. They were getting too big, too woody and too ugly. Time to go.

This all should not take much time this morning so I will be enjoying a well deserved shower afterwards then we are planning to go out to lunch. Maybe we will just stop at the organic market for some fresh grilled teriyaki chicken or maybe to a real restaurant. A reward for work well done.

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