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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Waving Goodbye

We went to a party at another fancy restaurant last night to celebrate Jill's birthday. I even wore a dress! Earlier in the evening, Michael and William brought home a beautiful dry-aged rib eye steak and three house-made sausages from the butcher and the ingredients to make mozzarella, tomato, basil salad to split for dinner. Their heads were together over the BBQ trying to agree about the steak's doneness. It was cute to watch.

Later in the evening, a total of nine of us met to celebrate Jill's birthday at a pretty lounge and had cocktails and appetizers. We had eaten so we didn't want any more food! The three of us just talked and enjoyed being there. We had so much fun that we stayed an additional almost hour talking in the parking lot! Jill's friend, Moriah, was there with her husband. Their 18-year old son has Charge Syndrome and we have known them since he was born. She and Jill went to high school together and have remained good friends. I love this woman for a million and one reasons but mostly because she is an amazing mom. I don't see her very often so we were able to have a good chat. The rest of the group took off in search of a good hamburger while we went home to bed at 10PM.

William is leaving this morning. It has been wonderful to have him home. There are leftover sausages for breakfast and I'll also make some eggs for good traveling food. I never worry about him unless he is leaving us and I want to make sure he makes it home. I'll be thinking of him all day today and tomorrow.

After he leaves, I need to run into town to food shop. The cupboards are bare.

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