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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Full Day of Fun

Anna and I got talking last night and were shocked when we realized it was 1:30AM!! Oh my! I slept until 7AM when the light and sunshine pried my eyes opened. What a day we had!

Doug loved my Eggs A Different Way - hard-boiled eggs with the yolk removed and filled with low fat cream cheese with thyme wrapped in thin bacon and baked. Anna enjoyed the crustless quiche with pancetta, mushrooms and zucchini. Anna and I had our toe nails painted BLUE in the morning while the boys walked the hour to lunch. They saw many whales and Doug loved the walk actually on the beach. Each couple ordered a cup of chowder and split the 1.2 pounds of lobster claws in the lobster rolls. OMG! Michael and Doug also shared some Blue Point Oysters. With the views and after the long walk, they both loved our lunch.

Last evening, after a snack, we rolled the bass next door and they settled in for over an hour of Irish Fiddle music as we practiced for Thursday night's gig. Doug ended up singing along on Cripple Creek! I don't think they wanted to leave! It was so kind of the group to welcome them and make them feel at home. They had a ball.

So now it is 10:30, the clock on the wall shows 8:45 but we only discovered that later. The battery was dead. Michael headed to bed, Doug went to read an hour earlier and Anna and I just got talking. We couldn't believe it when we realized the clock was stopped and it was 1:30!

Today, I was going to take Anna for a walk to the beach but we will see how she feels this morning. On our way to lunch, we will show them the tunnel and walk the old highway high above the ocean. Lunch with be splitting the crab sandwiches at the restaurant right on the ocean. I hope the whales are in bloom today.

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